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Practical environmental advice, specifically tailored to your farm

Farmacy offer practical, environmental advice based on detailed knowledge of the farm business, demonstrating how the farm should meet Cross Compliance legislation, whilst maximising the recovery of government funding, through Environmental Stewardship.

The Cross Compliance Service

The production of an annual report tailored to the clients’ requirements outlining Cross Compliance legislation. This involves detailing current farm policies and subsequent actions required for ongoing compliance including putting in steps to manage the 2015 soil protection standards.

New Countryside Stewardship Grants are available and Farmacy are able to support farm businesses when applying for membership of and managing the new scheme structure.

Countryside Stewardship has three main strands:

Higher Tier (similar to HLS): Initial audit to establish higher tier suitability, followed by completion of scheme applications and supporting documentation, in association with ongoing advice on the establishment and maintenance of scheme features.

Middle Tier (similar to ELS): Farm survey, followed by preparation of scheme application and a supporting client report detailing requirements for the establishment and annual maintenance of all scheme features on an ongoing basis.

A Lower Tier of capital grants, including the hedgerows and boundaries capital is also available.

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