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Omnia Field Manager is an unrivalled whole field seed and nutritional planning system that is available for famers and growers to use themselves or, alternatively, you can choose to have Omnia Field Manager delivered to you by an Omnia specialist.

Omnia Precision is a unique precision farming system using Multi-Dimensional Data Analysis and is available for farmers and growers to use.



TerraMap produces the highest resolution soil mapping layers in the world at over 800 data reference points per hectare.

The in-field process of collecting the data is carried out in two very simple steps; scanning and collecting reference soil samples.

The raw scan, soil data and soil samples are then combined and processed to produce up to 27 high-definition soil property layers.

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The technology behind TerraMap is now able to map Carbon, making TerraMap Carbon the first ever carbon mapping service to provide the most accurate baseline measurement of both organic and active carbon in the soil – TerraMap Carbon is revolutionising carbon mapping.

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Omnia is the first application of its kind that enables a Multi-Dimensional Analysis of a farm’s precision farming data, revealing key insights for more efficient and profitable variable rate applications.

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Omnia’s Multi-Dimensional Analysis is used to create variable rate nutrient, seed or crop protection plans, using its advanced algorithms to calculate the optimum solution for an individual area within the field, irrespective of the number of map layers you wish to include or the different zone shapes.

Multi-Dimensional Analysis can also be used to analyse multiple years of yield maps to map a field’s long term performance, irrespective of the crop, enabling better informed decision making on how field areas are used and managed.

Omnia allows a holistic and integrated approach to crop management

By meeting the optimum requirements of the crop, through targeted applications of appropriate crop inputs for each area of the field, Omnia can deliver unrivalled environmental sustainability.

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