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Farmacy & Agronomy

Comprehensive and flexible services to suit every client’s needs

Farmacy Brochure - 2020

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Advice Independent of Manufacturers

By consistently providing the very best available advice to help crops reach their full potential, we are proud to be able to help our clients’ businesses prosper.

All our advice is completely independent of manufacturers, based instead on the real-world findings of our trial sites. These replicated regional trials are invaluable for our agronomists, giving them key insights into what will be most suitable based on their client’s specific conditions.

Comprehensive and Flexible Services

Designed to meet all the crop management needs of growers, supported by trials, independent research and technical meetings, we offer a range of comprehensive and flexible services to suit every client’s needs.

  • Scheduled Field Inspection Services deliver crop management support and detailed field-by-field advice through scheduled field inspections and computerised recommendations
  • Our Technical Planning Services offer technical information and decision support for BASIS qualified clients, through scheduled technical meetings throughout the cropping year
  • Strategic Inspection Services provide crop inspection and decision support on representative fields, to enable BASIS qualified clients to transpose information and policy onto a wider cropping area

Long-Term Relationships

Based on mutual understanding and trust, the relationship between a grower and their agronomist ensures agronomy advice is combined with local insights and experience.

To help build and maintain these invaluable long-term relationships with our clients, all advice and decisions taken are based on sound business principles, practical implementation and what is right for individual growers.

Specific Agronomy Advice

Find more details on our crop specific agronomy advice:

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