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Countryside Stewardship

Agri-environment schemes to enhance bio-diversity

You can use agri-environment schemes to enhance bio-diversity, while also using them for key agronomic and business decisions. Farmacy have the experience and expertise to help you explore the range available and guide you through the application and delivery process.

From our unique position with agronomists understanding the practical needs of your farm, we can focus on designing tailormade agreements to work in parallel with the your objectives. Making sound choices from the start delivers successful results for both your farm business and the environment.

Services we offer


We offer an initial FOC meeting to discuss the application potential of your farm, exploring options and guiding you on the rules and regulations. We then provide an evaluation report which gives more detail including the costs and financial returns. Schemes are drafted using our Omnia mapping software to highlight the best possible options, making sure every decision is will work for your farm.

Ongoing Management

If you are already in a scheme, or about to enter one, we can help you with the on-going management to ensure successful delivery. We design packages to suit your farm that range from keeping you on track with paperwork and management to getting your whole scheme mapped through Omnia and supporting you with the day-day decision making.

Seed and growing advice

The choice of seed mixes is extensive and selection can be challenging. With performance depending on soil type, climate and region, selecting the right mix can reap great rewards.

Using insights from our regional trials and feedback from our national network of agronomists, we are able to supplement the performance data supplied by breeders to offer informed, independent advice on the seed mixes best suited to your farm.


We can offer general advice on woodland management and help you put together a woodland creation application, and for more complicated sites we can help with felling licences and woodland management plans.

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If you’d like to learn more about our environmental services and how we can help with applications, ongoing management and audits please send us an email at enviro@hlhltd.co.uk

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