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Healthy Soils

The pinnacle of soil analysis

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The key to unlocking yield

Our hands-on, in-field, Healthy Soils assessments measure and monitor soil health, helping you to fully maximise crop nutrition while reducing environmental impact.

The Healthy Soils service offered by our agronomists gives growers all the information needed to actively manage soil resources and optimise crop performance. Healthy Soils delivers fully tailored reports, advice and recommendations for a more programmed approach to soil improvement.

The Healthy Soils Assessment

Healthy Soils audited reports are ideal for soil benchmarking purposes, providing the information needed for growers and agronomists to actively manage soil resources and optimise crop performance.

It’s the only report to give both total and available nutrition and rotational nutrient-cycling.

View a sample of the Healthy Soils report here.

The Healthy Soils Assessment includes:

  • A detailed Visual Evaluation of Soil Structure (VESS) test conducted through the soil profile
  • Infiltration assessment reveals any issues with soil structure, capping and impermeable horizons
  • Cropping & Cultivations Review assesses current practices with historical use of the land, crop rotations, cultivation regime and in-field drainage
  • Soil Texture assessment is conducted to determine sand, silt and clay composition
  • Soil Health is assessed using techniques including Solvita C02 burst test
  • pH & key nutrients are assessed on three horizons and soil samples are taken for laboratory assessment to identify key macro and micronutrients
  • Key organisms are assessed to show the numbers of Epigeic, Endogeic and Anecic worms within the top 200mm of the soil profile
  • Soil Yield Potential Assessment by Omnia Precision software
  • Complements the TerraMap soil scanning service.

Supported by laboratory and analytical services

Comprehensive analysis services supported by technical interpretation and professional advice are available, providing:

  • Soil nutritional analysis
  • Soil nematode analysis
  • Soil contamination analysis
  • Tissue analysis
  • Manure and slurry analysis
  • Recycled waste and compost analysis
  • Water analysis (micro biological and chemical)


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Make an enquiry here to ask for a Healthy Soils service from one of our specialists.

Or for more details on Healthy Soils and soil assessments please visit our dedicated website.

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