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Farmacy plc was formed in 1999 and successfully provides independent agronomy, environmental, precision and nutritional services to UK growers.

Variable Rate Nitrogen with Omnia

Chris Hoskins explains how Omnia can help growers to tailor the nitrogen input to the demands of the crop at a particular point of time in the growing season, together with insights from Andy Bason of Newhouse Farm and Jim Liddiard of Blackwood Farming Company...

Precision Farming - Proven Benefits

Omnia Precision Agronomy can increase yields by an average of 0.6t/ha, worth £99/ha (based on wheat at £165/t)

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Farmacy Demonstration Events share the latest regional insights from our field based research, together with machinery demonstrations and interactive workshops.

Expert Insights

Discover the latest insights from our expert agronomists...

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Find us at Groundswell for the latest from Healthy Soils, Omnia, TerraMap, Agroecology and Cover Crop mixes ...

“It is essential that our industry plans for the future and enables the technical knowledge and experience of today to be transferred to the next generation. Our investment in recruitment and training demonstrates our absolute commitment to this process.”

Mike Young, Farmacy Plc Chairman

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