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Allium & Brassica Centre

Allium and Brassica Agronomy

Bespoke agronomy services to bulb onion and brassica growers based on the very latest trials insights


The Allium & Brassica Centre was founded in 1982 to offer independent advice to growers and packers on all aspects of allium and brassica production and storage – including our specialist in-field agronomy advice.

Now, increased specialisation has led to the formation of Allium & Brassica Agronomy (ABA) which offers bespoke agronomy services to bulb onion and brassica growers on over 10,000 hectares of crops both in the UK and overseas.

Supported by the Latest Insights

We are proud to be able to support our agronomists with the latest allium and brassica insights, making it possible for them to give you the very best advice to get the most from your crops, all thanks to our continuing trial work.

Our ORETO accredited trials team undertake independent research for agrochemical companies, government organisations, AHDB and grower groups.

We also regularly operate with Farmacy Plc at our Brassica Demonstration site in Lincolnshire to explore new and existing options in crop protection and nutrition, to find invaluable insights for brassica growers.

Experts in their field

Our highly experienced agronomists often share their views on wide affecting issues with major agricultural magazines, helping growers to make the most informed decisions possible.

Check out some of their most recent coverage on our news page

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