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Farmacy Live

Bringing our trials site updates and open days to you

Bringing Our Regional Trials to You

This year, as we do every season, we are continuing to invest in our regional trials sites. Additionally, the unique Helix project will continue to explore the most innovative and relevant technologies and techniques, that can make positive impacts on farm sustainability and profitability.


All our trials in one place

With the aim to bring live in-season updates on what is happening with crops through the season to you, we are bringing together our regional technical centres, the Helix project, and our maize, brassica and potato trial sites together under one roof with Farmacy Live.

Keep coming back to the Farmacy Live Hub throughout the season for new videos and insights from our trials sites, and be sure to follow our social media profiles for updates when we post new content:

Twitter – @Farmacy_Plc

Facebook – Farmacy.plc.uk

We hope that by bringing live trials reports and updates from our national trials sites we can continue to support farmers as much as possible in these challenging times.



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