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Mark Bellamy - CerealsServing Lincolnshire’s farmers with the very best agronomy advice and services in order to be able to produce healthy food, profitably and with minimum environmental impact, has been the backbone of Farmacy plc’s business for the last two decades.

“Our ethos is to set new standards within the industry through a close working relationship with our farmer clients by providing cutting edge agronomy advice and services on all aspects of arable, vegetable and specialist crop production,” says Director, Mark Bellamy.

“We do this by tailoring our services to individual clients’ needs, and that’s what really matters. It’s this that differentiates us and makes us leaders in our sector.”

Today over 60 dedicated Farmacy agronomists cover over 350,000 hectares, across the East Midlands, East Anglia, the home counties and the Cotswolds, however Lincolnshire remains at the very the core of the Farmacy business.

Innovation and technology drives much of what we do as this helps drive more informed and profitable crop management decisions,” he says.

“For example in 2016 Omnia Precision Agronomy was launched, which offers a brand new approach to understanding how precision farming techniques can help provide highly sophisticated agronomic advice and recommendations.”

“The benefits of Omnia have been proven in validation trials where the use of Omnia for variable drilling increased yields by an average of 0.6t/ha, which is worth £80/ha (based on wheat at £135/t), when compared with a standard flat seed rate approach.”

“Farming never stands still and nor do we; we continue to develop cutting edge, innovative tools within the Omnia system such as Connect, Plant Vision, Field Performance and Cost of Production analysis.”

“At the Cereals Event this year we launched TerraMap, a revolutionary soil scanning system which is more than 800 times more accurate than any other sampling system. Quite literally, TerraMap redefines the way in which soil nutrient mapping is currently undertaken in the UK - setting an exciting, new standard for accuracy in precision agriculture.”

Farmacy is very much at the forefront of modern crop production technologies and continues to invest in robust field-based R&D which underpins all of our services..

“This ensures that our decision making and advice is based on local factors. For example, our Waddingworth Cover Cropping trials are well regarded within the region for the best advice on establishing and managing cover crops.”

“Our Regional Technology Centres at Little Ponton and Grayingham incorporate small plot and field-scale trials to research for example varietal choice, nutritional programmes, and the best performing fungicide programmes under local conditions.”

“We are always delighted to demonstrate our work to the many growers that attend our various events.”

“We invest a huge amount in providing opportunities and training for young people and supporting the best talent within our industry, because we are committed to their future, for their own benefit, as well as the future success of our business, “adds Mark.

“Our Foundation programme is highly regarded as the most professional and comprehensive training programme within the UK agronomy profession.”

“Many Farmacy agronomists started their careers through the Foundation programme, following two years of intensive academic research, training, assessment and qualifications and then a further year of support during which graduates receive continued coaching in all areas of technical and commercial performance.”

 “We are equally proud of our sponsorship of the Lincolnshire Show’s Schools Challenge, which is all about inspiring young people to gain a better understanding of Lincolnshire’s rich agricultural history and land-based activities.”

“As an industry, we all share responsibility to engage with the wider public so that they may better understand and value what British farmers produce and how; Farmacy takes every opportunity to do just this.”