Weed Control- Existing Chemistry Under Focus – The Vegetable Grower – Carl Sharp

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Carl SharpAs more chemistry is lost, and remaining crop protection products are becoming subject to ever-tighter restrictions, not only may growers need to think about how older chemistry might be used, but also be looking at potential new products, according to Carl Sharp, trials agronomist at the Allium and Brassica Centre.

As part of the Sceptre-Plus project, trials in 2018 revisited how the use of approved but lesser used products could be refined, including on their own and in tank mixes, as well as a number of potential new products. Those that showed promise are going forward into the 2019 trials for further evaluation.

Carl says: "One of the problems can be phytotoxicity on the crop, especially where tank mixes are used, so we looked at band spraying so the product was placed directly on the soil." Weed control was good, but the application method is slower than applying a spray with a boom.

"This year we are also exploring different rates and combinations to give growers the best available choice. There is a glimmer of hope for new herbicides, too. There are two or three close to market, for both pre- and post-planting, so we are working to evaluate them to see where they may fit into a programme, as well as those that bit further away which will be screened for suitability."

If you're interested, find more out more information at our upcoming Brassica Demonstration event on 11 July 2019.