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  1. Andy RichardsonBrassica growers know only too well that they must produce vegetables free from pests and disease in order to satisfy the ever-demanding retail sector. They need to grow great quality brassicas with good shelf appeal and with no visual blemishes.

    According to ADAS Crop Notes, recent warm weather interspersed with rain showers has encouraged the development of leaf diseases such as ring spot light leaf spot and Alternaria. Ring spot has been cited as the main disease affecting brassicas with reported incidence of this in kale in the east.

    Ring spot and Phoma are reported on purple sprouting broccoli and Brussels sprouts. In sprouts, light leaf spot affects quality and appearance of the buttons and its presence can lead to  

  2. The hot, dry summer of 2018 was ideal for onion thrips and following the mild winter and warm, dry spring, the Allium & Brassica Agronomy team see the potential for another bad year. AB agronomist Carl Sharp says timing will be the key to effective control.

    As for many pests, onion thrip control has become more challenging since the loss of chlorpyrifos four years ago and widespread resistance to pyrethroids. Growers now have two main control options; Tracer (spinosad) and Movento (spirotetramat).

    Mr Sharp says that growers really need to understand how they work to use them to best effect. An important difference he notes between the two is that 

  3. Tom Rouse 2019 SAAThe first recipient of a new award which recognises hard-working and inspirational young people working in Suffolk's farming sector has been chosen.

    The Suffolk Agricultural Association (SAA) Rising Star Scholarship Award is aimed at people aged 19 to 30 years who are involved in agricultural or allied to agriculture industries and are making a positive contribution to the industry.