Varieties demonstrated at Little Ponton

A comprehensive selection of established and candidate wheat varieties ...

Winter wheat varieties

Skyfall               Nabim Group 1
KWS Zyatt
KWS Siskin       Nabim Group 2
KWS Extase
KWS Barrel      Nabim Group 3
KWS Firefly
LG Sundance    Nabim Group 4 Soft
LG Skyscraper
RGT Saki
Elation               Nabim Group 4 Hard
KWS Kerrin
RGT Gravity
KWS Kinetic
KWS Parkin
SY Insitor

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Hybrid wheat:
SURH 4877-391

Candidate varieties:

LG Seeker (LGWU149) Group 2
RGT Galactacus Group 3
LG Astronomer Group 3
LG Prince Group 3
Merit (EW6364) Group 3
LG Tapestry (LGWU 148) Soft Group 4
KWS Cranium Group 4 Hard
SY Clipper Group 4 Hard
RGT Silversurfer Group 4 Hard
Astound (EW5475B) Group 4 Hard
AWC 14

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