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Cloud-based precision farming – Farmers Guide’s Guide to Spring Spraying

Omnia Precision is a new precision farming, cloud-based application. ...

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Omnia enables agronomists and growers to make precision crop management decisions, based upon all of the factors that, as a matter of routine, they would normally consider when managing their crops.

The system allows the user to overlay data on soil type, nutrient levels, slug levels, seed bed conditions and weed populations to derive, for example, the optimum variable seed rate that relates specifically to the time of drilling. This principle applies not only to seed rates, but also to the application of fertilisers and crop protection products.

This ensures that every part of every field accurately receives the appropriate inputs to maximise productivity, whilst minimising environmental impact.

Omnia Precision claims to demonstrate innovation within the UK arable sector by delivering long-term and sustainable benefits to the industry, such as black-grass management, sustainable soil management and increased profitability.

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