Little Ponton Update Late November 2017

Little Ponton Update (21/11/17) - Edition 2

Sally Morris & Rebecca Creasey

Winter OSR

After closely monitoring 6 of the 39 varieties at Little Ponton, a rating based on disease levels and GAI has been created:

Campus – 6/10
Django – 7/10
Architect – 9/10
DK Secret – 8/10
DK Impressario – 8/10
DK Exalte – 6/10

Phoma levels have risen over the last month at Little Ponton, with last month’s average of 2% disease recorded increasing to an average of 6% disease recorded this month. The Clearfield varieties DK Imperial and DK Impressario are still among the cleanest varieties on show.

DK Impressario CL – The cleanest variety at Little Ponton RTC, with only 1% Phoma and 0% LLS

Winter Wheat

The winter wheat is now emerging, with most plots now at 2 true leaves. The plots are all looking fairly similar at this stage, with one exception.

The Redigo treated Shabras (see below) is at 2 true leaves, and the Vibrance Duo treated Shabras is visually ahead with a greater GAI and has 3 true leaves to 1st tiller.

Shabras - Vibrance Duo treated

Shabras - Redigo treated