Grayingham June 2017

Grayingham Update James Harris June 2017

Winter Wheat

All the winter wheat varieties at Grayingham are mostly through flowering, with some varieties including RGT Illustrious, Siskin and KWS Lili still in flower. The levels of disease are generally low, although old scar tissue damage can be seen from previous disease. Yellow rust can be found in Reflection, however susceptible plots such as Skyfall, Zulu and JB Diego are looking relatively clean of the disease.

Mildew susceptible varieties that haven’t received a specific mildewicide spray seem to have high amounts of disease present. Susceptible varieties that can be seen with mildew are KWS Barrel, KWS Basset, Leeds, Crusoe and Skyfall.

Brown rust is starting to appear after the weather we have been having and it is starting to appear in susceptible varieties with small spores being found in KWS Basset, Shabras, Graham and KWS Santiago.

Septoria levels are relatively low, with upper leaves in particular looking clean. Particular varieties that stand out are Spyder, Zulu, KWS Kerrin and Freiston.

Grain aphid have been found on some of the plots, with this photo showing a colony in Skyfall. At this stage in crop development feeding damage is occurring.

Winter Barley

After the warm weather in recent weeks all barley plots are starting to senesce and green leaf area is starting to decline. There is a difference between the hyvido barley plots and the conventional in height, although not to the extent that can sometimes be seen between conventional crops.

All plots are showing abiotic spotting, which can be seen through stress, after the exceptionally warm weather we have recently experienced and this is showing in both untreated and treated plots. Due to the high pressure of the spotting, leaves have started to die leaving clear black lesions on the leaf surface. Disease pressure otherwise seems relatively low.

California, KWS Tower, Surge and Glacier seem to be the conventional varieties holding onto their green leaf area the most. In the conventional plots KWS Funky stands out, looking very promising, with its characteristic long awns. Belfry and Bazooka also look encouraging, holding on to some green leaf area still.